Nudge Bar & Lamps

Nudge Bar & Lamps:

After a lot of looking around I did not find a Roo Bar that would fit the FL2 that protects the front of the car.  What I did find was a nudge bar that would fit so decided to go for that.  Not as good protection as a roo bar but offers a little and also has the advantage of somewhere to mount lights and aerials etc.

The nudge bar is from Equippe Automotive and the local dealer in Perth is Midland Towbars who can order the bar in from the east coast and fit it.  I also ordered a pair of LightForce HID lamps at the same time which make a huge difference when driving along the dirt tracks at night.

Midland Towbars –

Nudge Bar –

LightForce Striker 50 –


  1. Hi There did you have any issues with Parking sensors with the nudge bar fitted

    • Yes. The parking sensors did not work anymore. So every time the sensors engaged I had to turn them off. I was going to disable them but never got round to it before I sold it.

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